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hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
read-only, inherited
onMemberRemove StreamController<List<NIMSuperTeamMember>>
Observer for removing a group member / The observer. The parameter is the group member to be removed.
onMemberUpdate StreamController<List<NIMSuperTeamMember>>
Observer for updating the profile of a group member. If the upper layer of the application caches the profile of group users, update the cache using this interface. The observer. The parameter is the list of group members whose profiles are updated. register true: register; false: unregister
onSuperTeamRemove StreamController<NIMSuperTeam>
Listen to the member removal of a super group.
onSuperTeamUpdate StreamController<List<NIMSuperTeam>>
Listen to changes of a group profile
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited
serviceName String
read-only, inherited


acceptInvite(String teamId, String inviter) Future<NIMResult<void>>
accept invitation to join a group
addManagers(String teamId, List<String> accountList) Future<NIMResult<List<NIMSuperTeamMember>>>
The group owner assigns admins
addMembers(String teamId, List<String> accountList, String msg) Future<NIMResult<List<String>>>
Invite members to join a group
applyJoinTeam(String teamId, String postscript) Future<NIMResult<NIMSuperTeam>>
Group profile information returned when a user requests to join a group, or joins a group successfully or waits for request verification
declineInvite(String teamId, String inviter, String reaseon) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Decline an invitation to join a group
handleMethodCall(String method, dynamic arguments) Future
invokeMethod(String method, {Map<String, dynamic>? arguments}) Future<Map<String, dynamic>>
muteAllTeamMember(String teamId, bool mute) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Mute all members Mute a group. Only the group owner or admins have the permissions. If the mute action succeeds, onTeamListUpdate will be called.
muteTeam(String teamId, NIMTeamMessageNotifyTypeEnum notifyType) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Do-Not-Disturb setting Set the notification type of a specified group.
muteTeamMember(String teamId, List<String> accountList, bool mute) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Mute a specified member Admins or the group owner can mute or unmute members in the group.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.
onEvent(String method, dynamic arguments) Future
passApply(String teamId, String account) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Approve a join request
Only admins and group owners have the permissions
queryMemberList(String teamId) Future<NIMResult<List<NIMSuperTeamMember>>>
Get a list of group members
queryMemberListByPage(String teamId, int offset, int limit) Future<NIMResult<List<NIMSuperTeamMember>>>
Get the members of a group by pagination (not supported on Windows & macOS)
queryMutedTeamMembers(String teamId) Future<NIMResult<List<NIMSuperTeamMember>>>
Query muted members in a group This action only returns the muted members. Query the overall mute status of the group using Team#getMuteMode and Team#isAllMute
queryTeam(String teamId) Future<NIMResult<NIMSuperTeam>>
Query the group profile. If the data of group profiles does not exist in the local storage, retrieve the data from the server. If the current user does not belong to the group, the interface returns expired data. To update the group profile, call searchTeam(String teamId).
queryTeamList() Future<NIMResult<List<NIMSuperTeam>>>
Get the list of groups the current user has joined
queryTeamListById(List<String> idList) Future<NIMResult<List<NIMSuperTeam>>>
Query groups based on groups IDs
queryTeamMember(String teamId, String account) Future<NIMResult<NIMSuperTeamMember>>
Get the members of a specified group
quitTeam(String teamId) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Leave a group
rejectApply(String teamId, String account, String reason) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Reject a join request Only admins and group owners have the permissions
removeManagers(String teamId, List<String> accountList) Future<NIMResult<List<NIMSuperTeamMember>>>
Remove admins The group owner revoke the admin privilege
removeMembers(String teamId, List<String> members) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Remove a member from a group. Only admins and group owner have the permissions.
searchTeam(String teamId) Future<NIMResult<NIMSuperTeam>>
Query group profiles from servers
searchTeamIdByName(String name) Future<NIMResult<List<String>>>
Users can query the list of group IDs with the specified group name (not supported on Windows & macOS)
searchTeamsByKeyword(String keyword) Future<NIMResult<List<NIMSuperTeam>>>
Search all groups using keywords on the client Search group IDs using a group name List of group IDs
toString() String
A string representation of this object.
transferTeam(String tid, String account, bool quit) Future<NIMResult<List<NIMSuperTeamMember>>>
The group owner transfer the ownership of a group to a member The original group owner become a member. If the quit parameter is set to true, the original group owner leave the group after the transfer succeeds
updateMemberNick(String teamId, String account, String nick) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Group admins edit the nickname of a member Only admins have the permissions
updateMyMemberExtension(String teamId, Map<String, Object> extension) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Edit the extension fields of the user profile of the current user in a group (custom attribute, up to 32 characters long)
updateMyTeamNick(String teamId, String nick) Future<NIMResult<void>>
The current user edits the nickname
updateTeamFields(String teamId, NIMTeamUpdateFieldRequest request) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Edit multiple attributes


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.

Static Properties

instance SuperTeamServicePlatform
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