SettingsService class Null safety




hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
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runtimeType Type
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archiveLogs() Future<NIMResult<String>>
Pack logs and return the URL of the packed logs.
clearDirCache(List<NIMDirCacheFileType> fileTypes, int startTime, int endTime) Future<NIMResult<void>>
(Only available for Android) Delete specified types of cache files, for example, picture thumbnails of picture messages and audio files of audio messages.
enableMobilePushWhenPCOnline({required bool enable}) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Specify whether to push notifications to the mobile application if the current user is logged on to a Web or PC application simultaneously.
enableNotificationAndroid({required bool enableRegularNotification, required bool enableRevokeMessageNotification}) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Set push notifications (only supported on the Android platform). For the iOS platform, please do not grant the notification permission. The setting takes effect only when updateNotificationConfigAndroid is configured.
enablePushServiceAndroid(bool enable) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Enable or disable push notifications. When "false" is passed, the application will not receive any push notification from SDKs and servers of CommsEase.
enablePushShowDetail(bool enable) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Specify whether to display the details of push notifications.
getPushNoDisturbConfig() Future<NIMResult<NIMPushNoDisturbConfig>>
Get the current Do Not Disturb settings.
getSizeOfDirCache(List<NIMDirCacheFileType> fileTypes, int startTime, int endTime) Future<NIMResult<int>>
(Only available for Android) Calculate the size of the SDK cache files, for example, image thumbnails of image messages and audio files of audio messages.
isMobilePushEnabledWhenPCOnline() Future<NIMResult<bool>>
Check whether push notifications are enabled for the mobile application when the current user is logged on to a PC or Web application simultaneously.
isPushServiceEnabledAndroid() Future<NIMResult<bool>>
Check whether the push notification service is enabled.
isPushShowDetailEnabled() Future<NIMResult<bool>>
Check whether the details of push notifications can be displayed.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.
setPushNoDisturbConfig(NIMPushNoDisturbConfig config) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Configure the Do Not Disturb settings.
toString() String
A string representation of this object.
updateAPNSToken(Uint8List token, String? customContentKey) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Update the device token (iOS).
updateNotificationConfigAndroid(NIMStatusBarNotificationConfig config) Future<NIMResult<void>>
Update the notification bar settings (only supported on the Android platform).
uploadLogs({String? chatroomId, String? comment, bool partial = true}) Future<NIMResult<String>>
Pack the logs and upload them. The URL of the log files will be returned.


operator ==(Object other) bool
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