NIMChatroomMessage class Null safety

  • @JsonSerializable()


NIMChatroomMessage({bool enableHistory = true, bool isHighPriorityMessage = false, NIMChatroomMessageExtension? extension, String? messageId, String? sessionId, NIMSessionType? sessionType, required NIMMessageType messageType, NIMMessageType? messageSubType, NIMMessageStatus? status, required NIMMessageDirection messageDirection, String? fromAccount, String? content, required int timestamp, NIMMessageAttachment? messageAttachment, NIMMessageAttachmentStatus? attachmentStatus, String? uuid, int? serverId, Map<String, dynamic>? remoteExtension, Map<String, dynamic>? localExtension, String? callbackExtension, Map<String, dynamic>? pushPayload, String? pushContent, NIMMemberPushOption? memberPushOption, NIMClientType? senderClientType, NIMAntiSpamOption? antiSpamOption, bool messageAck = false, bool hasSendAck = false, int ackCount = 0, int unAckCount = 0, bool clientAntiSpam = false, bool isInBlackList = false, bool isChecked = false, bool sessionUpdate = true, NIMMessageThreadOption? messageThreadOption, int? quickCommentUpdateTime, bool isDeleted = false, Map<String, dynamic>? yidunAntiCheating, String? env, String? fromNickname, bool? isRemoteRead})
NIMChatroomMessage.fromMap(Map<String, dynamic> map)


ackCount int
Get the read count of a group message
@JsonKey(defaultValue: 0), final, inherited
antiSpamOption NIMAntiSpamOption?
Fields for the GuardEase anti-spam configuration
@JsonKey(fromJson: NIMAntiSpamOption._fromMap, toJson: NIMAntiSpamOption._toMap), read / write, inherited
attachmentStatus NIMMessageAttachmentStatus?
Message attachment download states for received messages
@JsonKey(unknownEnumValue: NIMMessageAttachmentStatus.transferred), read / write, inherited
callbackExtension String?
Custom extension field returned by a third party callback
final, inherited
clientAntiSpam bool
hit by anti-spam rules on the client and handled on the server.
@JsonKey(defaultValue: false), read / write, inherited
config NIMCustomMessageConfig?
Message settings
@JsonKey(fromJson: NIMCustomMessageConfig._fromMap, toJson: NIMCustomMessageConfig._toMap), read / write, inherited
content String?
Message content The text field of messages types except IMMessageType.text and IMMessageType.tip is set to null.
read / write, inherited
enableHistory bool
Specify whether messages are persisted on the server
@JsonKey(defaultValue: true), read / write
env String?
The environment variable Used to point to different types of configurations for data sync and third-party callbacks. Note: the field will not be stored in the database.
read / write, inherited
extension NIMChatroomMessageExtension?
Message extension
@JsonKey(fromJson: _chatroomMessageExtensionFromMap, toJson: _chatroomMessageExtensionToMap), read / write
fromAccount String?
Sender account
read / write, inherited
fromNickname String?
Sender nickname
final, inherited
hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
read-only, inherited
hasSendAck bool
Check the read receipt of a sent message.
@JsonKey(defaultValue: false), final, inherited
isChecked bool
the select state of a message
@JsonKey(defaultValue: false), read / write, inherited
isDeleted bool
Check whether the message is marked as deleted Deleted messages will be filtered out when getting the local message list, and only the interface that gets messages based on messageId may return deleted messages. In chat room messages, this field is invalid.
@JsonKey(defaultValue: false), final, inherited
isHighPriorityMessage bool
Check of a message has a high priority
@JsonKey(defaultValue: false), read / write
isInBlackList bool
Check if the current user is added to the blocklist by the peer by sending a message. The message is received.
@JsonKey(defaultValue: false), final, inherited
isRemoteRead bool?
Check whether the message sent by the current user is read The current message is of NIMSessionType.p2p type and NIMMessageDirection.outgoing is set to true.
read / write, inherited
localExtension Map<String, dynamic>?
Local extension field effective in local environment.
@JsonKey(fromJson: castPlatformMapToDartMap), read / write, inherited
memberPushOption NIMMemberPushOption?
Push notifications for specified members.
@JsonKey(fromJson: NIMMemberPushOption._fromMap, toJson: NIMMemberPushOption._toMap), read / write, inherited
messageAck bool
Specify message receipt for group messages.
@JsonKey(defaultValue: false), read / write, inherited
messageAttachment NIMMessageAttachment?
Message attachment
@JsonKey(fromJson: NIMMessageAttachment._fromMap, toJson: NIMMessageAttachment._toMap), read / write, inherited
messageDirection NIMMessageDirection
Send or receive messages
@JsonKey(unknownEnumValue: NIMMessageDirection.outgoing), read / write, inherited
messageId String?
Unique message identifier
@JsonKey(defaultValue: '-1'), final, inherited
messageSubType NIMMessageType?
Message subtypes
@JsonKey(unknownEnumValue: NIMMessageType.undef), read / write, inherited
messageThreadOption NIMMessageThreadOption?
Thread information about a message.
@JsonKey(fromJson: NIMMessageThreadOption._fromMap, toJson: NIMMessageThreadOption._toMap), read / write, inherited
messageType NIMMessageType
Message types
@JsonKey(unknownEnumValue: NIMMessageType.undef, defaultValue: NIMMessageType.undef), final, inherited
pushContent String?
Notification content that can contain up to 200 characters.
read / write, inherited
pushPayload Map<String, dynamic>?
Push notification payload @discussion The field can contain a custom payload. For more information about supported fields, see the official Apple documentation on APNs. The payload can contain 2000 characters. This field is invalid if the message is recalled.
@JsonKey(fromJson: castPlatformMapToDartMap), read / write, inherited
quickCommentUpdateTime int?
The most recent update time of a quick comment.
final, inherited
remoteExtension Map<String, dynamic>?
Message extension field The message extension field sent by the server is not persisted locally. Only the messages in the chat room contain this field (NIMMessageChatroomExtension)
@JsonKey(fromJson: castPlatformMapToDartMap), read / write, inherited
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited
senderClientType NIMClientType?
Client type of a sender
@JsonKey(unknownEnumValue: NIMClientType.unknown), final, inherited
serverId int?
Message ServerID
final, inherited
sessionId String?
Session ID. If the current session type is team, use teamId as sessionId, and peer account for P2P type
final, inherited
sessionType NIMSessionType?
Session types. P2P, team, and chat room are supported
@JsonKey(unknownEnumValue: NIMSessionType.p2p), final, inherited
sessionUpdate bool
Option to update the session The parameter takes effect only if the message is saved when the user is offline. The default value is true
@JsonKey(defaultValue: true), read / write, inherited
status NIMMessageStatus?
Message status
@JsonKey(unknownEnumValue: NIMMessageStatus.sending), read / write, inherited
timestamp int
The time when a message was sent Messages stored locally can adjust its position in the session list by modifying the timestamp, and the timestamp of the message sent to the server will be automatically rectified on the server.
final, inherited
unAckCount int
Get the unread count of a group message
@JsonKey(defaultValue: 0), final, inherited
uuid String?
Message UUID
final, inherited
yidunAntiCheating Map<String, dynamic>?
Fields for GuardEase anti-spam
@JsonKey(fromJson: castPlatformMapToDartMap), read / write, inherited


noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.
toMap() Map<String, dynamic>
toString() String
A string representation of this object.


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.