NIM PC Cross Platform SDK
nim_qchat::QChatMessageThreadInfo Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 QChatMessageThreadInfo (const NIMQChatMessageThreadInfo &c_param)
const NIMQChatMessageThreadInfo ToCParam () const

Public Attributes

std::string reply_from_accid
 被回复的消息所有者 ID
uint64_t reply_msg_timestamp = 0
uint64_t reply_msg_server_id = 0
 被回复消息得服务器消息 ID
std::string reply_msg_client_id
 被回复消息得客户端消息 ID
std::string thread_root_accid
 thread 根消息的所有者 ID
uint64_t thread_root_msg_timestamp = 0
 thread 根消息的创建时间
uint64_t thread_root_msg_server_id = 0
 thread 根消息的服务器消息 ID
std::string thread_root_msg_client_id
 thread 根消息的客户端消息 ID

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