NIM PC Cross Platform SDK
nim_qchat::QChatImageAttach Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for nim_qchat::QChatImageAttach:
nim_qchat::QChatFileAttach nim_qchat::IQChatAttachInterface

Public Member Functions

 QChatImageAttach (const std::string &raw_data)
 QChatImageAttach (const NIMQChatImageAttach &c_param)
const NIMQChatImageAttach ToCParam () const
void SetRawData (const std::string &raw_data)
std::string GetRawData () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from nim_qchat::QChatFileAttach
 QChatFileAttach (const std::string &raw_data)
 QChatFileAttach (const NIMQChatFileAttach &c_param)
const NIMQChatFileAttach ToCParam () const
void SetRawData (const std::string &raw_data)
std::string GetRawData () const override
void ProcessFileFields (nim_cpp_wrapper_util::Json::Value &values) const
bool IsFileBased () const override
virtual void SetRawData (const std::string &raw_data)
virtual std::string GetRawData () const
virtual bool IsFileBased () const

Public Attributes

uint32_t width = 0
uint32_t height = 0
- Public Attributes inherited from nim_qchat::QChatFileAttach
std::string name
std::string file_path
std::string hash
std::string download_url
std::string extension

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetRawData()

std::string nim_qchat::QChatImageAttach::GetRawData ( ) const

Reimplemented from nim_qchat::QChatFileAttach.

◆ SetRawData()

void nim_qchat::QChatImageAttach::SetRawData ( const std::string &  raw_data)

Reimplemented from nim_qchat::QChatFileAttach.

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