NIM PC Cross Platform SDK
nim_qchat::QChatChannelCategoryRoleInfo Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for nim_qchat::QChatChannelCategoryRoleInfo:

Public Member Functions

 QChatChannelCategoryRoleInfo (const NIMQChatRoleInfo &info)
const NIMQChatRoleInfo ToCParam () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from nim_qchat::QChatRoleInfoBase
 QChatRoleInfoBase (const NIMQChatRoleInfo &info)
const NIMQChatRoleInfo ToCParam () const

Public Attributes

uint64_t category_id {0}
 频道分组 ID
uint64_t parent_role_id {0}
 继承的服务器身份组 ID
bool valid_flag {true}
- Public Attributes inherited from nim_qchat::QChatRoleInfoBase
uint64_t server_id = 0
uint64_t role_id = 0
std::string role_name
std::string role_icon
 身份组图片 URL
std::string extension
QChatPermission permissions {}
NIMQChatRoleType role_type = kRoleTypeUnkonwn
 身份组类型 1 表示 Everyone,2 表示定制身份组
uint64_t create_time = 0
uint64_t update_time = 0

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from nim_qchat::QChatRoleInfoBase
std::vector< NIMQChatPermissionGroupvec_permissions

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